Ezekiel Boone

Praise for The Hatching

• Entertainment Weekly, The Must List, Print Review, "Think Jurassic Park but with Spiders."

• Brad Thor, The Today Show, "Jurassic Park meets The Walking Dead."

• PW¸ Print Review, “Boone weaves believable dialogue and characterizations into an apocalyptic extravaganza of doom and heroism…an addictive literary assault,” February 15, 2016

• The Real Book Spy, Blog Review, “The Hatching is a hair-raising thriller that reads like the lovechild of Independence Day and World War Z, but is creepier than both. If you aren’t afraid of spiders yet, you will be!...Every once in a while something comes along that everyone will be talking about. This will be one of those books!” February 17, 2016

• Men Reading Books, blog review, “Let's see. Peter Benchley (with an assist from Spielberg) scared everyone out of the water with Jaws. Hitchcock showed us how terrifying birds can be. Michael Crichton's Congo went overboard on gorillas. (and don't even get me started on Sharknado). Add Boone to the list. He has given everyone more reason to fear spiders.” April 17, 2016

• Novel Pathways, blog review, “funny, sort of scary, heart pounding book and I loved it!” April 19, 2016

• jeffreykeeten.com, blog review, “Boone will convince you to quit worrying about zombies or meteorites or nuclear explosions and start paying better attention to something a little more likely...spiders, a black tide of spiders” April 20, 2016

• Lipstick and Libraries, blog review, “Guys, this book is TERRIFYING. I felt incredibly itchy while reading it, and snuck constant furtive glances at the corners of my room in case a carnivorous spider decided to show up. This is not for the faint of heart” May 2, 2016

• Charmed Book Haven Reviews, blog review, “Stephen King is a great novelist, but Ezekiel Boone is someone who knows how to strike fear into the heart of his readers. I never used to be afraid of the creature he monsterizes. As I read, I felt as if they were crawling beneath my skin,” May 9, 2016

• Reader to Reader, Blog Review, “chilling and suspenseful read, but not for the faint of heart,” May 26, 2016

• Books and Lesser Evils, Blog Review, “Spiders. If you are slightly annoyed at them. This will freak you out. If you are really afraid of them, then The Hatching will send you in for therapy. Lots and lots of therapy,” June 1, 2016

• Blood, Sweat and Books, Blog Review, “I really cannot recommend reading this one enough and cannot wait to read more from this author in the future…Overall, The Hatching is hands down my favorite read of 2016 thus far,” June 7, 2016

• Fantasy Literature, Blog Review, “You’ll notice strands of Independence Day, Jurassic Park, and World War Z,” June 7, 2016

• Scarlet's Web, blog review, “Spiders have been done many times in horror but The Hatching is one that stands out amongst all the others. These spiders feel real, the threat seems plausible and that just makes it all the more scary to read. I could feel those hairy little legs scuttling over my skin the whole time I was reading.” June 6, 2016

• Spooky’s House of Books, Blog Review, “Five stars…Chilled me to the bone and gave me goosebumps…If I wasn't afraid of spiders before, after reading this, I can say that I am now,” June 5, 2016

• The Bibliophile , blog review, “The Hatching is exciting, chilling and deliciously creepy!” June 3, 2016

• Brit + Co, 13 Must-Read Adult Books Out in July, “Taking aim at one of our most common fears, Ezekiel Boone reminds us of how much we really hate spiders in this creeptastic new science fiction. Let’s just say, it’s not for the faint of heart… or anyone who suffers from arachnophobia,” June 14, 2016

• Silver’s Reviews, NewsRoom Pickup: Authors Say What Is On Their Summer Reading List, June 22, 2016
o Also mentions Hidden Bodies, Hungry Heart, Perfect Neighbors, Overwatch, Year We Turned Forty, One True Loves, and Secret Language of Stones

• Journey of a Bookseller, Blog Review, “If you like being scared of out of your pants, this series will do it,” June 22, 2016

• Horror After Dark, Blog Review, “Highly recommended to fans of horror!” June 27, 2016

• JC Must Read, Blog Review, “This was one creepy read… Entertaining, a Stephen King classic horror, sure the author will receive rave reviews for his boldness and creativity,” June 27, 2016

• My Never Ending List, Blog Review, “Using short, precise chapters, Boone knew when to create intense, urgent energy to keep me flipping the pages,” June 26, 2016

• Fresh Fiction, Blog Review, “You should read THE HATCHING if you love a really good horror book,” June 25, 2016

• BookReporter.com, Review, “Boone does a fantastic job of globetrotting at the speed of plot as the critters make themselves known...amazingly well plotted and full of characters who are clearly defined,” July 6, 2016

• New York Journal of Books, Online Review, “It’s an original plot, with a horrifying premise guaranteed to entertain and shock the reader…The Hatching is a page-turner,” July 6, 2016

• Kirkus, Online Roundup: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You’ll Want to Read in July, June 29, 2016

• Every Day Should Be Tuesday, Blog Review, “The Hatching is terrifying and compulsively readable…Boone, like King and Brooks before him, is a man who recognizes the journey can be as terrifying as the destination,” July 7, 2016

• All Books Considered, Blog Review, “Oh this was such a great summer read -- totally creepy but just so well done ****” July 7, 2016

• Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog, Blog Review, “The Hatching was creepy crawly twisty fun that I don’t recommend reading before bed (unless you don’t need a full night of rest)! It is a little horror, little outbreak, and whole lot of “OMG please say NOTHING is crawling on me”. SPIDER APOCALYPSE is coming at ya!” July 5, 2016

• 2 Book Lovers Reviews, Blog Review, “The Hatching was Arachnophobia meets 2012 meets Independence Day…Will I read book 2? Absolutely…with a rolled up newspaper and thick soled shoes!” July 5, 2016

• The Moon is a Dead World, Blog Review, “The book certainly captures a creepy-crawly feeling,” July 5, 2016

• Modern Horrors, Blog Review, “Ezekiel Boone’s debut novel brings an epic apocalyptic horror worthy of summer blockbuster proportions,” July 5, 2016

• By Hook or By Book, Blog Review, “I recommend this to any fan of “nature running amok” stories, who doesn’t mind graphically gruesome scenes,” July 5, 2016

• Books n Kisses, Blog Review, “The Hatching is a totally different twist on of the end of the world. We don’t have to worry about Zombies, Werewolves or Vampires. Oh no… no, no, no…… The Hatching is an Arachnophobian worst nightmare!!!! Seriously, you have been warned!!!” July 5, 2016

• Michael Patrick Hicks, Blog Review, “If you’re seriously arachnophobic, The Hatching probably won’t do you any favors. However, if you’re looking for some solid, B-movie horror invasion on a big budget Hollywood movie scale, this book certainly delivers,” July 5, 2016

• Atomic Fangirl, Blog Review, “The Hatching is a rip-roaring horror thrill ride. A blend of ensemble-cast Stephen King stories like The Stand and Needful Things, mixed with pulpy 70s animal-horror tales. Not for the faint-hearted…and even die-hard horror fans may find themselves checking for webs after this creepy chiller. An excellent start to a promising series,” July 5, 2016

• Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews, Blog Review, “A fun and suspense-filled 5-star read that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommended!” July 5, 2016

• Grigory Lukin, Blog Review, “If you’re just looking for a fun book to devour during your flight or while commuting to work, this is a perfectly good choice,” July 5, 2016

• Always with a Book, Blog Review, “This is a creepy, crazy book that will have you thinking twice the next time you see a spider and definitely will have you FREAKING OUT if you happen to have one crawling on you!” July 5, 2016

• Best Books, Blog Review, “I can't remember reading a horror/apocalyptic novel that I enjoyed as much as this one. Seriously, it was phenomenal. I was deeply pleased that the ending sets up a sequel! Highly recommended,” July 5, 2016

• Sci-Fi and Scary, Blog Review, “An enjoyable read that will delight people who love ‘creature books’. Ezekiel Boone does a great job delivering a debut horror novel that will stick in people’s minds,” July 4, 2016

• Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang!, Blog Review, “Mello & June gives The Hatching five stars plus eight legs. What an incredible story…This is going to be one of those stories we'll most likely see at the movies keeping moviegoers squirming and shrieking for all their worth,” July 3, 2016

• Seattle Book Mama, Blog Review, “Those that love good horror and science fiction should snap this book up right away… you’ll never see a spider web in quite the same way once you’ve read it!” July 2, 2016

• Blogs and Coffee, Blog Review, “Boone's masterful writing and balancing plot kept me going even when I wanted to curl up under my covers and hide. Thoroughly enjoyable,” July 2, 2016

• Joyous Reads, Blog Review, “A perfect book to turn into a B-movie,” June 14, 2016

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